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Brittany and Jemma

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However, a word of does contain a few "spoilers" that you may not want to know beforehand.


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CF-47....Brittany vs her first professional catfight. Brittany returns for her second fight and these 2 go toe-to-toe in a very evenly matched fight. Then, although a bit one-sided, dark-skinned Jessica and brunette Tabitha have a very rough match until one woman sprains her wrist and can not continue .......55 min.

CF-46....5 short fights.....First, Gia makes her debut against the experienced Marie. Rough match until one accidentally bangs her head and is unable to continue. Then bigger girls Desiree and Honey settle a dispute; followed by the return of Gia against the southern charmer Savannah, which is the longest and most even match on this video. Up next are 2 newcomers, Brittany vs Ceaira; followed by European brawlers Lisa versus the long legs of Irene.......60 min.

CF-45....Sarah vs Kelli....In this match, we continue with new, heavier girls in their first professional catfight.  First up, making her debut is blond haired, fair-skinned Sarah at 5' 7" and 145 lbs.; going against the dark haired, tanned skinned Kelli at 5' 6" and 160 lbs. These 2 trade thunderous body punches and face slaps, the likes of which have not been seen since Ali-Frazier III, practically non-stop for the entire 6 rounds, 39 minute fight.  And best of all, neither backed down one bit from these brutalizing attacks.......46 min.

CF-43......Savannah vs Tia.... With Savannah's charming baby face looks, she looks like she should be going to a PTA meeting instead of trading hard punches and hairpulling with another woman. This southern city blonde has never been in a fight before, but does have a size advantage. Petite beauty Tia, on the other hand, raised on a farm in the north, has been in many a fights. See if her experience can overcome her opponent's weight advantage. A true North vs South battle. Also on this video, tough newcomer Sarah, with her 1 impressive fight, takes on fan favorite Molly in extreme catfighting........58 min.

CF-44..... This video was made as per a customer's request. It is NOT the typical catfighting that we have exclusively done. There was no hairpulling, and although there is some very good flurries of hard body punches exchanged, this video would best be described as "rough domination wrestling", and the only way for a girl to gain a submission is by the face sit. The first match with Heidi vs Savannah starts off slowly, but does get quite vicious until it had to be ended a bit early due to Savannah injuring her shoulder. Then Rachel thinks she's tough enough and wants a piece of Heidi; with the winner collecting her "prize" of having her way with the loser for several minutes. Again, for all the catfight purists, this video is more domination wrestling and will NOT be for you.........51 min.

CF-42.....Sasha vs Heidi Both these super tough ladies are undefeated. Some fans have questioned Heidi's greatness based on her past competition. Here, the 5' 11" blonde beauty is challenged by the 6 ft. tall, equally strong and tough, Sasha. In this fight, both girls are a bit apprehensive and wary of the other's strength; which resulted in a slower paced, "feeling out" type fight at the start. There are many very hard punches and slaps landed; but for the most part, this fight is a test of strength between 2 extremely strong, athletic women. Nobody will question the toughness of both the winner and loser after this fight. ALSO on this video, Anne takes on Amy and in a battle of the tall girls, Irene and Annika go at it in extreme type bouts.....3 fights......49 min.

CF-41....eXtreme Fights 6.......The highlight in this video is match #4. Molly was livid when she saw the tape of her little sister's pro debut against Amy, because of Amy's arrogance toward the young girl and especially an incident where Molly thought she gloated too long and continued to slap and hold her sister down too long after a submission. Molly is all business as she attemps to avenge that incident and give Amy a taste of her own medicine. This one's for little sister. Other highlights include Lisa continuing her career as she goes against 2 more opponents; including the heavier champ, Anne. Fight #2 is a classic; one of the most evenly matched, back-and-forth battles ever filmed........55 min.
Fight 1.....Cathy vs Lisa
Fight 2.....Amy vs Irene
Fight 3....Lisa vs Anne
Fight 4....Molly vs Amy

CF-40....Alexus vs Heidi.....It seems that someone forgot to tell Alexus that she had no chance in her challenge against the bigger, more experienced Heidi; because this tough redhead just came out with the attitude that she is the one who should and could be victorious; and kept up her aggressiveness till the very end. Definitely one of the toughest ladies in her weight class. Also, in extreme type action, Annika vs Anne; and....for all you Molly fans, wait till you see her little sister, Lisa. They can almost pass as twin sisters. Even her "style" of fighting is almost like a mirror image of Molly; although she still does not have the strength and experience of her older sibling....yet !!  For her first pro fight, she goes against tough Amy.......56 min.

CatDaddy's REVIEW

ECNWC’s CF 47 The Perfect “Catfight” Storm:
Brittany Vs Jemma and…
The 2nd match Jessica Vs Tabitha

Cat Daddy’s highest possible rating! Five ***** Stars! (see ratings description @ bottom of pg.)
Imagine (if you will) two hugely energetic unstoppable violent weather systems heading towards one another on a collision course. This is a Rare Event, but once in a great while it does happen. When these systems do Collide, they form what is called in Meteorological terms, “The Perfect Storm.” It is with that deluxe descriptor in mind the following review unveils one stormy match to the consummate fan of authentic competitive catfighting.
Here in ECNWC’s CF 47 you’ll find another “Rare Event”… what has my vote to be The Production Catfight of The Decade: Brittany Vs Jemma… “The Purrfect Catfight Storm!” This fight has virtually every known Catfight Move possible for women to execute in trying to Dominate and Win in a competitive catfight. There is Body Controlling Root Ripping Hairpulling, Blistering Head Knocked Sideways Face Slapping, Full Force Stomach & Body Punching (hands hurt from the force of the punches!),, Python Vs Boa Constrictor Body to Body Leg Locked Wrestling For The Dominant Position, and the various well known Fetish Catfight Moves… wedgies, tit grabbing, pussy grabbing, and the inevitable choking that occurs between Hot Looking Catfight Girlz… in the heat of an All Out Battle… The women intent on the total Destruction & Domination of their opponent.

This is a dream match up. The Slightly Taller Veteran Gorgeous Sultry and Dark Eyed Brunette Femme Fatale Brittany wearing a black revealing black Micro Mini Skirt with spaghetti strap pullover zebra like top and weighing in at 140lbs… against the Slightly Shorter Debutante New Comer to ECNWC…The Whiplash Beautiful Blonde Diva with the Venomous Stinging Tongue, Jemma in the short low riding Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt & Pink Pullover Top weighing in at 130 lbs… These two women were born to be catfighters. Sexy Dresses with Nylons & Garters (hot,hot,hot!), on two of the sexiest leggy curvaceous women around… carefully and beautifully made up for their Catfight Date with each other. This description rounds out this most heavenly Catfight Vision!
In the classic ECNWC Pre-fight Face Off, Brittany and Jemma Strut Towards one another with their most intimidating femme a femme challenging sexy walks, eyes telegraphing that “I’m going to kick your ass look” only True Catfight Girlz are capable of giving. Are Either of these women intimidated by the Other? Hell No!!! Purrfect Match! It is evident from the start that these two supremely confidently dominant women are not in the mood to yield no matter how Bad of a Bitch the Challenger is. Standing tit to tit and faces a mere 6”inches apart, Brittany is asked if she is ready to fight and she immediately answers, “Yep!” Jemma is asked the same question and says, “You’d Better Fuckin’ Believe it!” “IT” meaning an instant classic Bitch Fight. This is The Perfect Catfight Storm. If this Foul Weather Match doesn’t “Blow The Fans Of Competitive Catfighting Away” (pun intended!), I will be shocked, dismayed, and even disappointed by today’s catfight fans. This is the kind of Competition that Fans of Authentic Catfighting wait years for.
Now, The Wait Is Over! There is so much Emotionally Intense Drama present in this Incredible Fight. Trash Talking and Oh My God Needling pervade this very nasty, dirty tactics Match. This “Women At War” competition will Tune You Up & Turn You On more than any other catfight you have viewed from 2000 through 2010. You will be partying once again with The Prince of Catfighting (Cat Daddy) at ECNWC like it’s 1999 !!

I like to play a game prior to the start of a fight by trying to pick a winner based strictly on looks. In the beginning at the face off of this match, I picked Veteran Brittany to win because all things being equal, she looked slightly taller and I already knew she was at least 5 lbs heavier than Jemma. So, right off the bat I felt pretty stupid when the slightly smaller Blonde brought down Brittany and climbed right on top of her. I might have felt stupid, but I knew this was going to be a very interesting fight with this quick turn of unexpected events at the beginning of the match. Keep in mind though, when size is discounted, these are two Fit Women with nice stomachs and Curvy Figures where determination to win and skill tips the advantage towards one fighter or the other. Still, this is no mismatch size wise by any stretch of the imagination. Immediately Blonde Beauty Jemma, with her pale white ass planted in a pin on Brit’s tanned ass, goes for a wedgie that has Brittany Shrieking Out in a Loud Tortured Scream. Mutual body controlling hairpulling ensues. These women are into and love Catfighting! Throughout this entire event, fans of Savage Hairpulling will be in 7th Heaven! Both these women are as good as it gets “Experts” in the fine art of Controlling Hairpulling. You could even say it was a hairpulling duel for “Control!”
Jemma goes to work on Brittany’s Stomach with reverberating punches so hard she hurts her fist a little from the effort, and has to shake the pain out of her hand. When Jemma tries to stand up for leverage, Brittany reverses on her grabbing the blonde’s leg and flipping her down on her back, but for only about 6 seconds. Brittany finds herself in a hairpulling tug of war laying on her back at which time Jemma lands a Full Force Slap that is only partially blocked to Brittany’s face. Screams are now coming from both women as they both roll to a Seated Position… kicking and pulling hair as if they were mortal enemies and their lives depended on it. In reality, it is just pure Catfighting PRIDE driving these Warrior Women.
Jemma again manages to gain the dominant position, but Brittany’s Anger & Frustration has been building like a Steamboat Boiler ready to burst from the pressure. Both Catfighters Complained throughout this fight about the choking and perceived dirty moves, but Brittany complained the most. (Ironically, the first submission is a choke out the Brunette exacts from the Blonde! That was just wrong, or poetic justice.). Finally, Brittany manages to claw her way on top of Jemma while an off camera friend yells, “Get her Brittany, Get Her!” From this point on, Dirty Fighting prevails between both girlz. Brittany’s tanned booty now has the pinning position on Jemma’s white ass while the blonde is smashed down to the floor on her stomach. Shaking out the pain in her own hand, Brittany goes to work with Hammer of Thor punches to Jemma’s exposed kidneys and back.
The two catfighters wind up in a tangled mutual hairpulling tug of war that pulls hair out by the roots, with knots of fine legs, asses, and hair as dresses ride high and garters stretch out beneath straining thigh to thigh muscles. Jemma is unable to deliver a Catfight Submission knockout move from her dominant controlling position… Meanwhile, Brittany pulls out her other Lethal Catfighting Torture Move: Blisteringly Hard Face Slapping. Jemma never manages to match up with Brittany on this count, and as I was scoring this fight the 2nd time I watched it, the Face Slapping Tally of Points steadily went into Brittany’s side of the score board. Jemma winds up on top again and says what sounds like, “Is that all you can take bitch?” as Brittany knees her over and over in the side from the bottom position. Brittany responds, “yeah, I feel it…pause…although you’re the one that’s out of breath!” Jemma jams her hands in Brittany’s face, eliciting more complaints from the Brunette in the pinned bottom position. Jemma’s frustration builds because Brittany steadily manages to block the blonde’s attacks from the top
This is what Bitchy Catfighting is all about. The hairpulling is of pull it out by the roots intensity, I mean, it is just of incredible ferocity. Hairpulling Control of Heads and Strained Necks shifts back and forth every few seconds between these mad women! Brittany causes damage again and again by steadily delivering Heavy Handed full force slaps to Jemma’s face while she has her exposed with a from the side, head wrenching, face baring, hair pull. It sounds like a staccato. Brunette Dominatrix on Blonde Dominatrix Ass Spanking Session, only it is Jemma’s Face Cheeks being reddened by Brittany in this epic intensely fought ass kicking contest. Jemma yells, “It’s a (something unintelligible) bitch!” At this point, Brittany has taken control of the match away from Jemma and “Time” is called shortly thereafter by the producer before any submission is obtained during this long ground fighting episode. Jemma stands up with a very Wild Out Of Control Look on her face moving towards an unaware Brittany who has gotten up herself and turned to walk away. If Jemma could have jumped right back into the fight she would have, but the producer yells at her, “Jemma!” and she sorta snaps out of the “Catfight Zone” she is in. The camera pans over to Brittany and she gives Two Thumbs Up and a beautiful smile. This had to piss off Jemma.

That’s all the preview teasing I am going to do. The Subsequent Verbal Fracas and Needling is unbelievable from here on out. Jemma and Brittany both manage to obtain equalizing submissions during the second half of this very violent all out Bitch Fighting Competition. Brittany Vs Jemma will have you begging for a rematch between these two Sexy & Indomitable Catfight Girlz. One of these two women actually had a razor thin edge of advantage during this match, but I’m not going to say who it was here in this glowing review. Who do you think was the Ultimate Victorix catfighter in the end? I’ve made my decision who the Winner is. And that Winner Is YOU! The Competitive Catfight Fans! This fight alone is reason enough to purchase CF 47. It’s a must have release from ECNWC.

Oh, did I mention the 2nd fantastic Competitive Fight in CF 47? Buzz Saw Black Chick Booty Beauty Jessica Vs Too Much Will Topple You Terror Tabitha! After watching the first fight of this release, I was prepared to be let down by the follow up fight. There is often “Filler” Fighting in other Companies’ DVD’s after such a Rare Event catfight like the Brittany/Jemma Match is captured and placed on a Video Release. In CF 47, this 2nd match would be the highlight or show stopper fight for any other Producer’s Vids. As a follow up to “The Perfect Catfight Storm,” it is a Bonus Catfight. Jessica in particular Is Sooo Talented a Fighter! Interracial Catfights introduce that added layer of Drama when Two Exotic Women of different colors collide. As ECNWC’s only Black Cat Fighter, along with Sasha (that I’m aware of), I would love to see her in other matches

Back to Jessica & Tabitha’s Fight……
As it was, Tabitha’s “Biker Chick” style of fighting was not a terribly difficult “catfight equation” for Black Bitch Fighter Jessica to solve, because when it comes to catfight math, Jessica is a master of addition and piled up Submissions Points. The Face off at the beginning of the fight was interesting because I read Tabitha’s lips as she gets up in Jessica’s face and says, “I’m going to Fuck You Up!” Jessica doesn’t say anything and just smiles. Shit talking only goes so far, but I absolutely admire that kind of Attitude from a woman in a competitive catfight. In more of a straight fist-fighting match, Jessica would probably dominate just about any other woman at ECNWC. Hey Jessica, a word of advice… Do not practice punching your opponent by hitting the floor! Floors always win!
Carefully aimed punches always win when they land on your opponent. But there were many other Catfighting Moves used in addition to punching that came out of the box between Jessica and Tabitha making it a tough fight for both girlz. Strangely devoid of Hair Pulling with minimal Face Slapping but some unintentional(?) Closed fist punching to the white girl’s face by the black girl, this Catfight more than makes up for that shortfall with copious amounts of Fetish Catfight Moves… pussy grabs, wedgies, and my God, face sits with Verbal Taunting by Jessica. The Fist-Fighting exchanges between the standing Jessica and Tabitha were even, and heated. Tabitha goes toe to toe on that count but has great difficulty in the ground fighting. I’m sure it has been quite some time since a White Girl was forced to eat and breathe black pussy and ass so many times in one match and had to give many humiliating pussy smothering submissions to her black nemesis.
And Jessica also has her PHD in Verbal Sparring. At one point, the black booty beauty takes control and dominates the tough hard fighting white woman from the top position saying, “You like that? How do you like that… you feel that? ( while she has a knee in Tabitha’s left Tit),” then Jessica shifts her knee from the white Titty to Tabitha’s neck saying, “Breathe Bitch!” Then Jessica quickly straddles Tabitha’s face with her pussy and says, “Yeah, take that pussy! Yeah, eat it! Fuckin’ Love It!” Amazingly, Tabitha’s struggles beneath the black girlz pussy pays off and she skillfully wrestles her way on top of Jessica screaming, “Yeah? Yeah?” High Drama Unfolds! This infuriates Jessica and another reversal soon takes place. By this time, Tabitha is out of breath and a submission occurs. It’s not easy to catch your breath taking in air through a black pussy, so Tabitha has a good excuse for yielding a submission at this point in the fight. This 2nd match will most definitely satisfy the fans of Black Chix Vs White Babez Fighting it out… to a bitter loss for one of these Racial Rivals.
Ahhh, Catfight Dreams Are Made of Women Like These. My Compliments to all ECNWC’s Catfight Girlz, even to all the other fighters I watched in the not reviewed DVD’s I purchased in my last order. Special accolades to Brittany & Jemma for the best damn catfight I’ve seen since the 2000’s dawned. Thank you for this Fabulous Match Ladies! It is an Instant Catfight Classic. Hey fans, even the losers of these catfights deserve high praise. Like the old saying says, “It Takes Two To Tangle!” The losers made damn great fights out of both the matches on CF-47

Ratings Description:
OUTSTANDING***** - Kick Ass, All Out, Emotionally Charged, Non-Stop, Intense, Drama Filled Warring between Evenly Matched, Beautiful Fit Women… that don’t know the meaning of the words “I Quit!” In an Outstanding match, each woman believes she can beat or dominate any other woman with the nerve to step into a Catfight Arena with her, and gets emotional or angry when in the disadvantaged loosing position… and redoubles her efforts in a renewed explosion of Effort for the reversal. In Outstanding Catfights, the women Enjoy Dominating & Punishing Their Opponent, and winning is a Thrill and a Turn on. Outstanding Catfighters HAVE PRIDE IN THEIR FIGHTING ABILITY, and it shows. They are probably experienced in Street Fighting and may even possess other formal fighting skills. In Outstanding Catfights, ALL the Catfighting Moves are present in copious quantities at every possible opportunity they can be executed… with no let ups. There are no stalemates because the Fetish Catfight Moves are pulled out to soften unyielding opponents resolve during ground fighting “Lock Ups.” Submissions are punished out of opponents. The Momentum between equally matched women frequently seesaws back and forth as emotions ignite over and over again and the drama and suspense continues until the very end… and a Victorix is established and crowned The Catfight Queen winner of the match. Super Women In A Super Fight! (Like Brittany & Jemma!... and Gia, Jessica, and Honey…) .

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