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JOIN your host
Heidi as she takes us through these next few videos, introducing some of the best and toughest untrained fighters in the world today.

You'll even see Heidi herself in a few highlights of her first ever fights (including versus the popular Treena Collins), as she tries to find out if she has what it takes to become one of the best.

CF-39....eXtreme fights V.......61 min.
Anne vs Annmarie
Sarah vs Amy
Sasha vs Elektra
(just a few highlights of Sasha's 1st tryout fight)
Olivia vs Annika
Molly vs Anne

CF-38.....eXtreme fights IV......62 min.
Molly vs Olivia
Anne vs Irene
Heidi vs Treena
part 2 highlights only
Zena vs Annmarie
Olivia vs Amy

CF-35.....Xtreme Fights......61 min.
Fight #1
vs Anne

Fight #2
Molly vs Irene
Fight #3
Irene vs Anne
Fight #4
vs Annmarie

A Couple Reviews

Author: Cat Daddy

"The Real Catfight Drought is finally "OVER!!!!" And, the women are Physically Fit and Attractive to boot!
These Catfights Have It All, And Then Some!

I just finished watching ECNWC's CF-35, and frankly, it might contain what could possibly turn out to be the "Best Real GRUDGE Catfight" of the year. That would be Fight Number 4 between the Foul Tempered Annmarie (brunette) and the Equally Foul Tempered Anne (Strawberry Blonde). This fight has ALL THE BASIC CATFIGHTING MOVES PLUS: GENUINE PISSED OFF EMOTIONAL INTENSITY, LIGHT NEEDLING as well as A GENUINELY PISSED OFF ATTITUDE BY THE WOMAN COMING OUT ON THE LOSING END OF THIS HOTLY CONTESTED CATFIGHT!!!
I mean, these Girls Really Care If They Win, and get upset when they are Not, winning that is. This fight number 4 gets a "My Hardassed" (Low) OUTSTANDING, BUT STILL OUTSTANDING RATING. It is ALMOST, almost a perfect catfight.
And, these women made me eat crow, because in this match I actually saw two moves that I have previously considered "EXCLUSIVELY Fetishistic" actually being used as Serious Catfight Moves in this fight. These would be Breast Grabbing, Skin Grabbing/Pinching, and unbelievably, quick passing Face Sits! This fight also Has:
1. Hard (No Bullshit!) Stomach Punching! You can hear the "Tone" of "Toned Up Stomachs" being played like Tom-Toms at an Indian War Dance with some of the pounding punches landed to their stomachs.
2. Closed Fist Punching, and lots of it. Granted, the hits to the head were "Around" the face, except when these Real Catfighters loose their tempers! And they do loose their tempers!
3. Hard Kicking, standing, sitting, and even kicking hard when their opponent was down and the other was standing (I couldn't believe what I was seeing).
Okay, this fight will not make some of the women at Womansplace Very Happy because it Goes Beyond what Most Rules Catfights allow. On the plus side, I am Extremely Happy To Report That No Injuries were sustained by these Fierce Intensely Emotional Real Catfighters. But, in truth, I'm not sure how either of the two women in Fight Number 4 did not draw blood. I am not going to "Review" the other three fights (right now that is) other than to say that the First Catfight is a (High) Excellent (my second highest rating before Outstanding), the second fight is a (Low) Excellent because it features a much lighter petite Redhead against a Bigger Brunette which is a mismatch albeit closely fought, and the third fight is also a (High) Excellent because the women fight with Extreme Emotional Ferocity, and Both Want To Win In The Worst Way!
I do have some Criticisms for this CF-35, but, as great as the Quality Of The Real Catfighting is, I consider My Criticism to be Borderline "Ungracious" because of the effort these REAL CATFIGHTERS put into these matches.
The lighting and audio is not always up to snuff, and, the "Director" of the Video does Stop one of the fights which will aggravate some Catfight Fans out there. I'm still not sure why he stopped it, but, it does resume with equal intensity!
Lastly, the "No Punching To The Face Rule" was prudent, even though there were some Hard Punches to their faces in the Heat Of The Fighting, But, I think there could have been Face Slapping Substituted in place of the No Punching To The Face Rule. Don't let this Criticism Put You Off! There are FULL FORCE NOT HELD BACK PUNCHES "RAINING DOWN" ON THEIR HEADS!!! As I said, I am being an "Ungracious Hardassed Critic" with this Observation.
Please join me in Applauding The Effort these women put into these Real Catfights which have all the Basic Catfighting Moves ...AND THEN SOME,
ECNWC's CF-35. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Ladies! And thanks to Bob at ECNWC for making this Vid for the Real Catfighting Afficianados!
Cat Daddy.
P.S. I don't want to hear ANY Bitchin' & Moanin' about there not being enough Real Catfights if the Feme Fight Real Catfight Fans do not purchase this very nicely done Real Catfighting Vid in Droves.

Author: Punk Dolphin
Date: 09-29-04 22:10

I concur wholeheartedly about this one. The intensity level on all the fights is on full tilt. You swear you just entered heaven when you see how these women fight.
Not one second of boredom. No paint drying on the wall while people lock holds for endless hours. This is just unadulterated passion released in the privacy of an apartment.
After viewing the first fight, I said to myself, "Finally...."

It's like the essence of pure femme fighting wrapped up in a nice little package with magnetic tape inside.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...for the hardcore fan.


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